Back from the Dead

Rumours are circulating that both the “doc”, Dr. Mad 69, and Satchmo Flask will be releasing their debut albums on April 30th, the the birthday of their good friend and author of this post, Caleb Keys. Their will be a cd release party at the Condo. For directions, please leave a comment on this post and we’ll get with you soon. Both records are due to be released on Truffle Hunter records with album art to be done by none other than Caleb Keys himself. When asked of their influences, Dr. Mad 69 mentioned Girl Talk and his penchant for samples from other artists, including the voice of the Onion radio news network, Doyle Redland and simply stated “Satchmo Mask and his bass grenades.” This dual release is sure to draw comparisons to the recent duel between rap artist Kanye West and certified thug 50 cent.

In music I’ve recently been listening to, I’ve found myself really enjoying Joe Purdy. You guys should check out Can’t Get it Right Today and also I Love the Rain the Most. Let me know what you think!


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