Who should open for Zeppelin??

I’ve recently read from UltimateGuitar.com that as of right now, Velvet Revolver is the #1 choice to open for Led Zeppelin if they do in fact go on a world tour. In a interview with VR bassist Duff McKagan said, “I understand that we have it (the gig), although I imagine there will be plenty of bands prepared to kick and punch us out of the way for the privilege.”

I for one think that Velvet Revolver opening for Zeppelin is a crime against humanity. I don’t understand why people think they are any good at all to be honest.

However, this recent announcement has raised a question to mind. Who would be a good opening act for arguably the greatest rock band of all time?

I don’t think anyone should open for them. It should only be Zeppelin and they should play a 3-4 hour set every show, but I want to know if anybody else has an idea of a worthy opening act.


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