In light of all of the rumors that have been flying around in the past few weeks, the elusive Dr. Mad 69 has decided to set the record straight. His agent contacted me and said that “The Doc” would be more than happy to sit down with me for an interview. During our time together, I was able to extract some very interesting information regarding the release of Mr. 69’s highly anticipated debut album.  “I have enough material for a full album,” says 69, “but I’m not so sure if I will be happy with the final product by the time of my good friend Caleb Keys’ birthday party, which is also serving as the release date for not only my album, but also the illustrious Satchmo Flask’s album.  I may just end up releasing an E.P. instead of an album.” 69 later went onto say that his E.P. will “likely chronicle the life and death of Caleb Keys,” and will be entitled “The Murder of Caleb Keys.”It seems to this writer that Dr. Mad 69 is in a truly unique position  because of his ability to cross genres and mix and match his influences to create a sound all his own.  Only time will tell what will happen with “The Doc,” but as of now things are looking up!


5 responses to “Revelations

  1. The album is rumored to be being released on a Saturday so that the album release party can be on the of the release.

  2. So am i correct in assuming that the release date will either be on Saturday, April 26 or Saturday, May 3?

  3. No, I spoke to Caleb Keys, head of Truffle Hunter Records today, and he told me that the idea was to release it on April 30th so that by May 3rd they can have some sales figures to inform party goers how the albums were doing. Also, on the day of the party, when the sales figures are released, the lower selling artist will be forced to cover one of the other artists songs for the crowd. There are also rumours that label head Caleb Keys would like Dr. Mad 69 to change the title of the Caleb Keys project to The Life and Times of Caleb Keys. More on this later.

  4. michaeladarden

    Although Mr. Keys is a dear friend of Dr. Mad 69, the artist still retains all rights to his music, and thus will not be able to rename his album.

  5. It was just a thought Mr. Keys had since the album is to be chronicling the life of Caleb Keys throughout, not just his untimely unsolved murder.

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