Who Should Open for Zeppelin? Pt. 2

 Andy, I have a few suggestions as to who should open for Zeppelin. I think that that duo known only as Daft Punk should open for Zeppelin.  But actually, instead, Zeppelin should open for Daft Punk! Arguably the two greatest bands in the world, with Daft Punk being #1 because, of course, they have remixed themselves and Zeppelin has not.  Now I know some of you will consider my view to be blasphemous, but I dare you to listen to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 album and not rock out harder than you ever did to Zeppelin. Also, I think that if Daft Punk is not available to play then Dr. Mad 69 would be a good alternative.


6 responses to “Who Should Open for Zeppelin? Pt. 2

  1. I’m not sure if Daft Punk and Led Zeppelin playing together would be such a good idea because I don’t think anything could ever match how awesomely amazing that would be. I kind of think everything else in the world would be depressing after seeing that show. On another note, I might have to agree with you on DP’s Alive 07 album. It changed my life.

  2. Well, no ones going to see the opening act, you’re not drawing anymore ppl to the shows with it. So why not find a smaller band that hasnt really made it big yet, but has some killer material and let them open, get a good band out there to the masses. Thus, Year Long Disaster should open for Zeppelin, or if that falls through, possibly the worlds greatest collaboration of all time… Dr. Flask!!!!(Dr. Mad 69 and SatchmoFlask)

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with kyle! A smaller, lesser known band would be a good choice for an opener.

  4. You would draw so many more people to the show with Daft Punk.

  5. Yeah, if you got another absolutely EPIC artist to play wiht them, but there isnt a venue in the world that wouldn’t sell out if Zeppellin and Daft Punk played together.

  6. we could just hold it in a field a la bonnaroo

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