Arm’s Way

I got an advance copy of Islands’ second album Arm’s Way yesterday and at first glance, it gains my approval. Of course, I will always love the Unicorns more, just because that’s who I am, but that’s not to take anything away from Islands, which really is a separate entity completely now that only the only tie to the Unicorns is Nick Thorburn. But onto the album. It starts out with the guitar and violin driven “The Arm”, an epic somewhat depressing tale of the arm, which comes for you. From there, other tracks that stick out include “Pieces of You”, “Jamie Vous Voir Quitter”, “Abominable Snow” (a Unicorns remnant), and the ironically upbeat “Life in Jail”. Overall, Arm’s Way has more of a definitive rock feel to it than anything Unicorns or Return To The Sea. It feels as if the Islanders are moving away from their pop tag and going in more of a indie rock direction. All in all, on the Kyle scale of rating, I would give Arm’s Way a 5.5


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