Trey Anastasio Self-titled: Certainly Not a Miss, But Not Quite a Direct Hit Either

  • Artist:  Trey Anastasio  
  • Album: Trey Anastasio
  • Tracks: 12
  • Length: 59 minutes

I just recently got former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio’s first Studio album, a selftitled album he relesed in 2002.  Trey starts the solo carrear off strong, theres a couple really good rockers on the album, Alive Again, Cayman Review, Push on ‘Til the Day,  Night Speaks to a Woman, and Money Love and Change, which are very reminiscent of mid to late nineties phish with that funky rock guitar only Trey can do, that real hot clavinet in the background, and fun non-sensical lyrics.  There also a few really inconsequential tunes on the album which don’t add anything but arent too bad like Drifting and Ether Sunday.  The Low point of the album certainly comes in the bland and entirely uninteresting ballad Flock of Words which somehow finds a way to drag on for 5 minutes and should only have lasted two.  Theres also a few tunes on here which have astounding playing and pretty good jams attatched to them, however the songwriting sounds rather amatuerish and it makes the songs a little unenjoyable (Mr. Completely, and Last Tube).  Yet the album is also rounded off with two wonderful tracks, At the Gazebo and Ray Dawn Balloon, featuring fantastic orchestral arrangements by Trey with acoustic guitar layered over them.  These compositions are worth your money by themselves.  Trey’s knack for full orchestral arrangements is unbelievable and his acoustic playing is nothing short of breathtaking.  Overall an album very similar to the previous phish styling, yet at some points lacking a little in the songwriting department, which is understandable considering he’s used to having the pure genius of Page McConnell and Mike Gordon helping him out.  However there are also a few stylistic departures from the phish style in these tunes, the most notable being the full horn section Trey has added, which makes the extended jam on Push on ‘Til the Day sound really strong.  Trey has also added some kinda cheesy sounding female background vocals, however they dont detract too much from the songs.  Overall, Trey Anastasio recieves a solid 5.5 on the Kyle Scale of Rating and could have reached a 6 or higher had Trey kept a few songs off.

Rating: 5.5


One response to “Trey Anastasio Self-titled: Certainly Not a Miss, But Not Quite a Direct Hit Either

  1. Oh, how I love the Kyle Scale of Rating! You take the role of music-critic with the gusto of a Top Chef!

    I hope you don’t mind, as I myself have been conducting my own musical criticism using your already-well established grading system!

    It is not a lift, but a tribute, with some hints of spoof underlining the whole thing! It is simply fabulous, if I do say so (and I do) (say so)!

    But I’m afraid I have come with some more dire circumstances! Satchamue Flmkask and the Satchmo Maskflaks has issued a new press release regarding his (long awaited) come-back album! It is a WWW shock wave that will cause digi-ripples all throughout the blogasphere! Pass this information along as it is important!!!

    PS – Your blogoblog asked for my E-mail, but truth be told, I only communicate in record samples, morse code and pigeon post! I advise you to fix this, as I can’t be the only one.

    PSS – I would one day love to collaborate with Ol’ Ronny Mexican some day! Have his agent’s agent contact my brother’s dad’s son’s agent! We can take the galloping acoustic-strings of a 1960’s Tijuana Brass record and put it to the Kick of the Amen Break, the snare of Big Beat, and the hiss of the eastern diamondback rattle snack for the hi-hat! I can see it now! We’ll have all the swingin’ cats in Ellis Island go-going a go-go!!!!!!

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