Marathon Runners at Bonnaroo – Kyle

Well friends, back from the roo, and let me tell you it was wonderful this year, however I gotta say, I think I liked last year a little better, but this year was great nevertheless.  It gets a solid 5.5 on the Kyle Scale of Rating.  I’ll follow suit with Andy and only mention my 10 favorite shows, that way I dont have to waste your time talking about that retchid MIA show (honestly it ranks within the 5 worst shows I’ve ever seen), which I refused to stay for all of. 

#10 !!! – I was really excited about !!! beforehand, but the show dissapointed me a little bit, they werent as clean sounding as I expected, they didnt seem completely together.  And I thought that the black chick they had singing was really bad.  But the show was still really good.  I really enjoyed how homo-erotic the lead singer was, it was amusing to say the least.

#9 Big Sam’s Funky Nation –  I think that his band changed a little since the last time I saw him.  He had an INCREDIBLE bassist this time ( he also made some REALLY amusing faces!), but the saxaphone player he had last time was gone.  Only complaint is that I couldn’t hear the guy on the keys litterally the whole show.  Part of what made this show so great was that since it was in the New Orleans tent there were maybe 20 other ppl there with me, and Big Sam came down and danced with us in the crowd, and then busted out a trombone solo right in the middle of us!

#8 Jack Johnson – Honestly I wasnt that excited about Jack, I usually get kinda bored by his music, but I enjoyed his show alot, it was very wholesome.  His band was real good too.  He even had Eddie Vedder come out and sing a little counrty sounding diddy with him, turns out Eddie is an incredible country singer.

#7 MSTRKRFT – They were awesome met up with my buddies and danced the night away!  They drank and smoked the whole show, brought people up on stage to dance there, only stopped playing music once to say hey, did an encore and didnt leave until the bonnaroo stage crew litterally forced them to leave the stage!  They busted out the Justice and the Daft Punk too!  Not to mention those incredible staches!

#6 Metallica – This was a show I wasnt expecting to be that good, don’t get me worng, I love the Four Horsemen but I’m not a big fan of the newer stuff.  To me it was gonna be one of those shows you go to just to say you saw them.  They played nothing off St. Anger or their newest album!  The set was full of classics too, “One,” “Ride the Lightning,” “Master of Puppets,” “Fade to Black,” “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” “Seek and Destroy.”  They played like 5 or six songs off Kill Em All, Covered “Last Caress,” and played almost everything else I wanted to hear ( I woulda liked “Fuel,”I Dissapear,” “Battery,” or “Sanatarium,” but still, I think that with regard to the band it was the best setlist choice of the festival).

#5 OAR – Another great show by the boys from Maryland, but certainly not my favorite.  Their set was very similar to the one from Jazz Fest, although this time they did play “The Wanderer,” and “Revisited,” which was awesome, but they didnt play a few songs I really wanted to hear that I havent heard at other shows, like “Missing Pieces,” “So Moved On,” “City On Down,” “Delicate Few,” or “About An Hour Ago.”  This coupled with the sound problems of Jerry DePizzo’s saxaphone for half the show (TURN JERRY UP!), and when Danny Clinch came out for guest harmonica on “Anyway,” you couldnt hear him very well at all, but what you could hear was awesome.  I feel like OAR had the energy and the show could have been the best of the weekend had they picked a different set list and had less sound problems.

#4 Ghostland Observatory – Now I’ve seen these guys SEVERAL times before this show, but their show this time had the BEST jam on midnight voyage I’ve seen by them!  And they’re lighting engineer has got his stuff down now, their laser programs were AMAZING at that show!

#3 Ben Folds – Like Andy said, “Bitches Ain’t Shit” for the last time, EPIC.  I loved Ben’s onstage stories explaining his songs!  For one song (Free Coffee), Ben put two altoid boxes a maraca and a few other things litterally inside his piano, it made synthy sounds and drum machine noises!  Ben rocked so hard that he broke a string on one song, WOW thats rockin pretty hard.  But the apex of the show came when during “Not the Same,” he got on top of his piano started jumping up and down and directing the audience to singing along with him!

#2 Umphrey’s McGee – Phenomenal show!  Sick jam band, one of the few jam bands with lots of metal influence.  It was certainly the most Impressive guitar preformance I saw at bonnaroo this year.  Both guitarists had incredible skill, and on top of that, they were so perfectly together that it sounded like one person with four arms playing two guitars.

#1 The Disco Biscuts – WOW!  Absolutely amazing dance jam throwdowns!  They would take a regular jam and then bring it down to a chill synthy groove and slowly over the next ten minutes build it into a driving dance party of volcanic intensity.  The show also included a ten minute long story, told by the bassist Marc Brownstein, about how he was drivin the RV on the way there, smokin a real big joint, and got pulled over by Tennessees own Cumberland county officers who opened the door with a greeting of “Boys, this smells like my backyard!”  The van was searched, pot was confiscated, and citations were written.  After, Marc said he asked the cop if he could have just enough for one joint on the way to the festival.  The cop said that he searched the van high and low, but he was sure he probably had missed some, then gave him a big hug and told him to play the best show he’d ever played that night.  That encounter prompted them to play their set 45 minutes over, and then come back out for an encore for another 20 minutes.  And honestly, where else are you gonna hear one band cover both “The Safety Dance” and “Killin in the Name.”


Thats it friends!  Be awaiting my lengthy review of Feed The Animals coming up in about a week I need to listen through a few more times and let it sink in before I pass any judgement.


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