Marathon Runners at Bonnaroo – Andy

So Bonnaroo 08 was my first Roo and I had high expectations for the 4-day festival.  Not only were they met, but my experience was leaps and bounds past what I had expected.  I had the time of my life and I cannot wait until 09.  Instead of reviewing each band I saw each day like my friend Cal, I’m going to list my Top 10 performances of the festival.  I’ll start out with #10.

10. Against Me! – Going into Roo 08 I was expecting Against Me! to be one the main highlights of the entire festival.  However, I was a little disappointed in their performance for a few reasons.  The main one being they did not play nearly long enough ending their show about 30 minutes early.  Also, they left out songs like “Baby, I’m an Anarchist” and “Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Ballad Fists” which I was really looking forward to hearing live.  Finally, the rumored appearance of Tegan Quinn, which Cal discusses in his blog, did not happen.  Other than those three reasons, Against Me! played a high energy show that was a lot of fun.

9. !!! – Up until the last minute, I was having trouble deciding whether to see !!! or The Raconteurs.  I am so glad I chose !!! because their performance was one of the most fun shows I saw all weekend.  Nic Offer was full of crazy dance moves and excited the entire crowd.

8.  Tegan and Sara – Twin sisters Tegan and Sara was definitely one of the most enjoyable shows of the weekend.  Their entire performance had a very chill and happy environment mainly because of their catchy songs and playful banter between one another.  Listening to Tegan talk about growing up poor and Sara telling her mother to “Fuck off!” was as enjoyable as dancing to their music.

7.  Pearl Jam – This was the first show I caught on the Main Stage and it was a killer set.  I used to be a pretty big Pearl Jam fan in Junior High, but sort of fell out of interest in them as I grew up and hearing them play was a very nostalgic experience.  I started out sitting in the back only listening to them, but when they played “Even Flow” I couldn’t help but push my way to the front to get a closer view.  The highlight of their show was definitely when they played “Better Man.”

6. Ben Folds – “Bitches Aint Shit” for the last time ever.  That’s all I’m going to say about his AMAZING performance.

5.  Broken Social Scene – They were the last band I saw at the festival and I couldn’t of picked a better ending to an awesome weekend.  They played all my favorite songs and even wrote a song for Democratic Candidate Barack Obama.

4.  MGMT – Hands down the best performance on Thursday.  Andrew Vanwyngarden might be the coolest person I’ve ever seen decked out like a rocker straight out of the 70’s.  They are definitely on my favorite artists right now.

3. Kanye West – I know I’m going to get some shit for putting Kanye’s show so high up, but I don’t care.  The show was delayed about 1 hour and 45 minutes so he didn’t end up hitting the stage until 4:15 or so, but I think that only helped his performance.  Watching Kanye’s “Glow in the Dark Show” as the run began to rise was epic as fuck!  I admit I was pissed waiting so long for the show to start, but it was directed towards the shitty Bonnaroo Road Crew, which took around 3 hours getting Pearl Jam’s gear of the stage and Kanye’s on.  The show probably would have been on time if more than 3 out of the 20 people on stage were actually working.  Anyways, definitely my highlight Sunday and one the my favorite shows of the entire weekend.

2.  M.I.A. – Holy shit what an awesome show!  I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun at a concert than I did during her set.  It was an all out dance party including people storming the stage to dance with M.I.A. herself.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that it was her last show for who knows how long.  I loved it.

1. My Morning Jacket – The best show I’ve ever seen EVER.  Four hours in front of strobe lights in the pouring down rain was the most epic thing I’ve ever witnessed.  They sounded great and played everything I wanted to hear including most of their new album, “Evil Urges.”  Also, a special appearance from Metallica’s Kirk Hammett for “One Big Holiday,” and some funky covers including Kool and the Gang’s “Get Down On It” and a song by Erykah Badu.  No other band could come close to matching their set and I cannot wait to see them in Austin in August.

Well there you have it.  Those my Top 10 performances of Bonnaroo 2008.  The weekend was a complete success and I will see you in Manchester in 2009.


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