All Sides…All Suck

  • Artist: O.A.R.
  • Album: All Sides
  • Tracks: 13
  • Length: 54 Minutes

 I got the new O.A.R. album a week or two ago and I am just now getting around to writing my review for it.  I was really excited about this album, because O.A.R. had a chance to redeem themselves after the fairly dissapointing Stories of a Stranger album.  Before All Sides, the new album, the song “Daylight the Dog” (off Stories) was probably thier worst song;  Now, after All Sides, a 13 track album, there are 11 songs that are worse than “Daylight the Dog.”  With thier last album, Stories of A Stranger, O.A.R. started to flirt a little with a new sound, in addition to a few really cool reggae-influenced rock songs, and some sick jam rock, they threw in a few extremely generic, mainstream, radio-friendly pop songs (Love and Memories, Heard the World, etc.), but at least those songs were still very well written, hell a few of them were really good.  But now, with All Sides they have completely embraced the success of “Love and Memories,” and entirely gotten rid of thier reggae influences.

   If I put all the negative comments I have for this album into this review it would be far too long, so I will focus on the VERY few and VERY far between high points on this album.  “Whatever Happened,”  starts off with a really cool didgeridoo, bongo, and sax intro (and then almost immediately dies when the actual song starts).  The sixth track, “Living in the End,” is a very poorly crafted song but it has an okay guitar solo…actually it’s a pretty shoddy guitar solo compared lead guitarists Richard Orr’s other material with O.A.R., so scratch that off the list of good things.  Here we go, “Something Coming Over,” is actually a pretty good song, the lyrics are godawful and Marc tries to do a Dave Matthews falsetto thing that dosen’t work out too well for him, but otherwise its a good song.  Probably the only track I will listen too again.  And Finally, the twelfth track, “War Song” (which isn’t actually about the war in Iraq), isn’t bad it still has the awful new production style, and overall sound that O.A.R. has been going with on this new album, but at least it is a very well written song.  If they had recorded it five or six years ago, it would be REALLY good.  There we go, thats it.  That is everything positive i have to say about this album.

So, In conclusion, if we take the 49 second intro to “Whatever Happened,” all 3:59 of “Something Coming Over,” we have 4 minutes and 58 seconds of good music on All Sides (i didn’t include war song because its actually a well written, but poorly preformed song).  Less than five minutes of good material.  I give All sides a 4 on the Kyle Scale of Rating.


Rating: 4


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