Time Turns Elastic and a Reunion Tour!

This has been quite the week for Phish-heads all around!  Trey had his world premiere for the new orchestral piece he had been working on with Don Hart and Orchestra Nashville, Trey’s solo performance is now being streamed for free on http://www.npr.com, and then to follow that up the announcement of a 3 day Phish Reunion tour kickoff!

Time Turns Elastic

I was lucky enough to take the trip out to Nashville and see the world premiere of Trey’s new project, Time Turns Elastic.  It was phenomenal!  Let me tell you I have been to some interesting shows and seen some interesting crowds, but this was hands down the most diverse and interesting crowd I have ever seen.  There were wookied-out phans sitting right next to ritzy people dressed up in suits.  I had a lady sitting behind me who looked to be a mid 30 year-old middle school teacher, and next to her was a teenaged boy with his 50 year old father.  And everyone there was stoked to see Trey.  Everyone was talking about the orchestra, or the recent Sept. 6 sighting of phish playing at a friends wedding, or just about the iconic status of Trey.  The orchestra started off with a very tense piece entitled XL, which I enjoyed, but the real excitement started at the second song.  Trey came out and joined the orchestra for a phenomenal and innovative new take on the Phish mainstay Divided Sky, relying on the entire audience to sing the vocal line: “Divided sky, the wind blows high!”  It was wonderful to hear Trey’s ethereal guitar tone wrapped up in layers and layers of gorgeous strings!  Trey then busted out the acoustic and took a backseat with the orchestra and played along to Concertino for Two Mandolins by Don Hart.  The two guest mandolin players were phenomenal, one on the traditional Italian round-back mandolin and on one on the Tennessee flat-back mandolin!  Trey played his part and stayed in the background to showcase the phenomenal mandolin players.  Trey then left and the orchestra played two more pieces, Orient and Occident followed by a piece that i forgot the name of that was one of Trey’s big influences for Time Turns Elastic.  After a brief intermission, trey returned to stage where the entire crowd joined in on singing Happy Birthday to Trey (he turned 44 on Sept. 30th).  After that, Trey began Time Turns Elastic, an orchestral piece in 2 movements with vocals on the second movement.  It was a very nice piece, though not exactly what I was expecting, Trey let the orchestra and his composing do most of the work.  Although a few times he did bust out with some wonderful and impressive lead lines.  Afterwords, he left the stage, and the crowd stayed on their feet yelling and cheering until he returned for a interesting version of Let Me Lie from his Bar 17 album.  All in all i would give the show a solid 6.5 on the Kyle Scale of Rating.

Phish Reunion Tour

Phish announced today on their website that they would be playing 3 days at the Hampton Collesium in Hampton VA, on March 6,7, & 8.  In addition, they said “The band intends to announce additional touring in 2009 early next year.”  Both Mike and Trey will be embarking on solo tours this winter which are both staying mainly in the northeast.  So by then they will be off tour and hopefully be able to travel the whole nation, in case you can’t make it all the way to Virginia.


3 responses to “Time Turns Elastic and a Reunion Tour!

  1. I’m glad you had fun seeing Trey, Kyle! That’s so awesome that you got to go! These reunion shows are going to be legendary!

  2. I’m really excited about the new tour! But Cal just pointed out, i meant to say that Trey’s solo preformance at The Newport Folk Festival is streaming on npr.com. Just to clarify. (you should also go check that out, its really good)

  3. Also, to keep up to date with this theme, Phish just announced the release of an 8 cd set from their live performance at The Roxy in Chicago (I believe) in 1993. This was apparently one of the shows that they are well known for and sounds to be a must for any phans out there.

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