Attention bloggers, Attention bloggers:

If you have yet to witness a live MSTRKRFT concert, i am sorry to say you have a hole in your experience the size of the greatest state in the America. That would of course be Texas. As i arrive back to my house, the ringing in my ears is as loud as when i left the holiness that is a MSTRKRFT concert. Do I regret being so close? Hell no. I usually don’t say this, but the concert I have just witnessed is as amazing as the Paul Van Dyk show I saw earlier this summer. Very, very few live shows have yet to come close to the awesomeness that was the Paul Van Dyk show, or should i say the Paul Van Dyk/MSTRKRFT shows.

Felix Cartal was hands down the best opening act at any concert ever seen by these eyes. and these eyes have seen alot of opening bands; all of which were terrible except for two: Shy Child and Felix Cartal.

As MSTRKRFT approached the stage, the feelings I felt were equivalent to when i was a little schoolboy staring at my first love. Needless to say, my knees were shaking and I felt utter confusion yet pure excitement. This feeling will not be matched again until I meet eye to eye with my future wife. Honestly, who can mix Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. and Daft Punk’s Da Funk and other spectacular songs all in an hour and a half? The answer is MSTRKRFT, my dear readers.

I urge everyone out there in this vast planet known as earth to drive any distance imaginable to go see MSTRKRFT, and if you swear it is not worth your time, I personally will give you a full refund of your ticket.

Peace and Much Love,



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