Ghostland Observatory – 11/9/08 – Page Auditorium, Durham, NC.

This past Sunday, I had the great fortune of catching of catching the greatest band in all of the (Ghost)land for a live show, in my opinion. The concert was at Duke University, which, visually, is the perfect college campus for this marathon runner. Anyways, the show was at the Page Auditorium and was opened up by Chicago based remix DJ’s Flosstradamus. They got the crowd pumped up in the way an opener should for Ghostland, and were, in my opinion, the best opener to date for Ghostland. A strong point of this show was that everything was on time, no waiting for an extra hour for bands to come out or any of that drama we’ve all experienced before. This show was lacking a little in the crowd experience I am used to when it comes to Ghostland, but this can assuredly be attributed to a conservative approach to crowd control, as well as the fact that this was the first time for Ghostland to venture into Tarheel country. Afterwards, however, I got to go talk with the guys for a little while in their dressing room about various things, including possible new material, to which I was told I could probably have the pleasure of introducing the radiowaves to via my show on campus radio at West Virginia University, U92, so keep your eyes and ears peeled kids!


3 responses to “Ghostland Observatory – 11/9/08 – Page Auditorium, Durham, NC.

  1. Wow, I wish I got your station in Chicago!!!
    LOVE them……..

  2. You can listen online! Google search u92 wvu and you can listen live online. I’ll keep you posted before anything might come out.

  3. sweeet, thamks!!

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