Ghostland Observatory – 11/15/2008 – Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX

Out of the foggy darkness they appeared…Shooting out of the cosmic womb, Ghostland Observatory kicked off their latest show in Austin, Tx with a frenzied rendition of “Piano Man.” It was another full capacity show for them at Stubb’s BBQ, and the crowd was absolutely nuts. I’ve had the good fortune to see these guys a number of times, but last night’s show ranks tops amongst my Ghostland experiences. Everything about their performance was spot on. Turner’s beats and Behren’s yowl work well together, and when Behrens shimmies on stage he is the adoration of both men and women alike. All pelvic thrusting and mic-stand pole dancing aside, Ghostland Observatory really has formulated their own approach to rock ‘n roll. They are firmly rooted in the rock ‘n roll of old times, but they bring something else to the table as well. Their live shows are what really do it for me though. It seems like every time I see them they have something new to offer. Whether it be an upgraded laser show or just an all around tighter and more frenzied performance, these guys never disappoint.






One response to “Ghostland Observatory – 11/15/2008 – Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX

  1. as usual they were amazing!!!!

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