Far – Regina Spektor

Artist:  Regina Spektor

Album:  Far (2009)

Rating:  6


Regina’s much anticipated new album Far, just came out last week, and by now it has had time to fully sink in for me.  While Far is certainly far from Spektor’s 2006 release Begin To Hope, it is by no means a shabby album.  Even through the layers upon layers of studio sheen put on by the impessive team of producers including David Kahne, Jeff Lynne, Mike Elizondo (of Eminem and Dr. Dre fame), and Jacknife Lee (famous for his work with U2 and R.E.M.), Spektor finds a way to let her creative songwriting and original approach shine through (most of the time).

The album starts out with The Calculation, an upbeat song with lyrics about creating a computer out of macaroni.  As if that wasnt fun and silly enough, through the rest of the album there is plenty of strange vocal inflecitons, a song with a chorus consisting of just the nonsense word “eet,” and a dolphin noise solo.  Once again however, Regina mixes in some more serious and introspective songs.  This time, unfortunately, all of the production covers up the emotions Spektor is trying to convey in these songs.  Songs like Human of the Year, and Blue Lips just down have the same effect as songs like the Flowers and Field Below from previous albums.  Wallet and Human of the Year with thier similar building up of orchestral elements just doesnt blow you away like Begin to Hope’s Apres Moi did.  However Spektor is able to make Genius Next Door work with a slow beautiful rolling piano backdrop behind well-thought out lyrics.  And, once again, Spektor is at home making catchy poppy vocal melodies blend seamlessly with her gorgeous voice on the stand out tracks of the album: Dance Anthem of the 80s and Two Birds.

Overall, Far is a great album to add to Spektors impressive resume, garnering an impressive 6 on the Kyle Scale of Rating.


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