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The Greatest Band in the World: An Editorial

We here at Marlboro Marathon Runners do not shy away from controversial issues within the music world. A topic that I believe to be of utmost importance is that of the greatest band in the world. When thinking about this, two bands come to mind, Daft Punk and Led Zeppelin. Now, in my expert opinion, I would have to say that Daft Punk is the better of the two. Now, before you pass judgement on me, let me state my case. Daft Punk has remixed themselves, as can be heard on their “Alive 07” album. Led Zeppelin on the other hand, has not remixed themselves, or any other band for that matter. Thus, it is clear to me that Daft Punk is without a doubt the greatest band in the world. The only thing that could make Daft Punk any better would be if they remixed Led Zeppelin. And the only way Led Zeppelin could ever claim the title of greatest band in the world is if they were to remix Daft Punk remixing Led Zeppelin.

*This is only an editorial piece and you (the reader) are more than welcome to disagree with my opinion. But, be aware that my opinion is shared by the one and only Satchmo Flask. Thus, it is not an opinion, but rather, it is fact.