The Greatest Band in the World: An Editorial

We here at Marlboro Marathon Runners do not shy away from controversial issues within the music world. A topic that I believe to be of utmost importance is that of the greatest band in the world. When thinking about this, two bands come to mind, Daft Punk and Led Zeppelin. Now, in my expert opinion, I would have to say that Daft Punk is the better of the two. Now, before you pass judgement on me, let me state my case. Daft Punk has remixed themselves, as can be heard on their “Alive 07” album. Led Zeppelin on the other hand, has not remixed themselves, or any other band for that matter. Thus, it is clear to me that Daft Punk is without a doubt the greatest band in the world. The only thing that could make Daft Punk any better would be if they remixed Led Zeppelin. And the only way Led Zeppelin could ever claim the title of greatest band in the world is if they were to remix Daft Punk remixing Led Zeppelin.

*This is only an editorial piece and you (the reader) are more than welcome to disagree with my opinion. But, be aware that my opinion is shared by the one and only Satchmo Flask. Thus, it is not an opinion, but rather, it is fact.


Ghostland Observatory – 11/15/2008 – Stubbs BBQ, Austin, TX

Out of the foggy darkness they appeared…Shooting out of the cosmic womb, Ghostland Observatory kicked off their latest show in Austin, Tx with a frenzied rendition of “Piano Man.” It was another full capacity show for them at Stubb’s BBQ, and the crowd was absolutely nuts. I’ve had the good fortune to see these guys a number of times, but last night’s show ranks tops amongst my Ghostland experiences. Everything about their performance was spot on. Turner’s beats and Behren’s yowl work well together, and when Behrens shimmies on stage he is the adoration of both men and women alike. All pelvic thrusting and mic-stand pole dancing aside, Ghostland Observatory really has formulated their own approach to rock ‘n roll. They are firmly rooted in the rock ‘n roll of old times, but they bring something else to the table as well. Their live shows are what really do it for me though. It seems like every time I see them they have something new to offer. Whether it be an upgraded laser show or just an all around tighter and more frenzied performance, these guys never disappoint.





Ghostland Observatory – 11/9/08 – Page Auditorium, Durham, NC.

This past Sunday, I had the great fortune of catching of catching the greatest band in all of the (Ghost)land for a live show, in my opinion. The concert was at Duke University, which, visually, is the perfect college campus for this marathon runner. Anyways, the show was at the Page Auditorium and was opened up by Chicago based remix DJ’s Flosstradamus. They got the crowd pumped up in the way an opener should for Ghostland, and were, in my opinion, the best opener to date for Ghostland. A strong point of this show was that everything was on time, no waiting for an extra hour for bands to come out or any of that drama we’ve all experienced before. This show was lacking a little in the crowd experience I am used to when it comes to Ghostland, but this can assuredly be attributed to a conservative approach to crowd control, as well as the fact that this was the first time for Ghostland to venture into Tarheel country. Afterwards, however, I got to go talk with the guys for a little while in their dressing room about various things, including possible new material, to which I was told I could probably have the pleasure of introducing the radiowaves to via my show on campus radio at West Virginia University, U92, so keep your eyes and ears peeled kids!


This has absolutely nothing to do with music, but Obama won! Let’s celebrate!


Attention bloggers, Attention bloggers:

If you have yet to witness a live MSTRKRFT concert, i am sorry to say you have a hole in your experience the size of the greatest state in the America. That would of course be Texas. As i arrive back to my house, the ringing in my ears is as loud as when i left the holiness that is a MSTRKRFT concert. Do I regret being so close? Hell no. I usually don’t say this, but the concert I have just witnessed is as amazing as the Paul Van Dyk show I saw earlier this summer. Very, very few live shows have yet to come close to the awesomeness that was the Paul Van Dyk show, or should i say the Paul Van Dyk/MSTRKRFT shows.

Felix Cartal was hands down the best opening act at any concert ever seen by these eyes. and these eyes have seen alot of opening bands; all of which were terrible except for two: Shy Child and Felix Cartal.

As MSTRKRFT approached the stage, the feelings I felt were equivalent to when i was a little schoolboy staring at my first love. Needless to say, my knees were shaking and I felt utter confusion yet pure excitement. This feeling will not be matched again until I meet eye to eye with my future wife. Honestly, who can mix Justice’s D.A.N.C.E. and Daft Punk’s Da Funk and other spectacular songs all in an hour and a half? The answer is MSTRKRFT, my dear readers.

I urge everyone out there in this vast planet known as earth to drive any distance imaginable to go see MSTRKRFT, and if you swear it is not worth your time, I personally will give you a full refund of your ticket.

Peace and Much Love,


Marathon Runners at ACL – Andy

I figure now is a good time to review my experience at the Austin City Limits Festival.  This was my first ACL and I was expecting a great weekend full of fun and friends.  Well, it definitely delivered.  I had a blast and was so glad to be back in that carefree atmosphere that festivals bring.  I’ll follow suit with my comrade Hizzo and list my top ten performances of the weekend.

10. Vampire Weekend – These preppy kids from NYC were good, but not great.  They were the first full act I saw of the festival and were a great way to start off the weekend.  They’re sort of a guilty pleasure for me, and I really enjoyed it when they brought the string quartet on stage for a song or two.

9. MGMT – I’m as surprised as you are how high on the list these guys are.  I was expecting them to be one of the top 5 highlights of the fest, but I was a bit let down.  The psychedelic atmosphere these guys brought with them at Bonnaroo was simply not there at ACL.  A lot had to do with it being in the afternoon so there was no light show, but I still felt their performance was lacking compared to Roo.

8.  Fleet Foxes – This was one of the earliest shows I attended at the festival and I got exactly what I expected.  These guys put on such a chill show that I enjoyed a lot.  Probably the highlight of the show was when fellow Marathon Runner Austin held a sign up stating his love for the lead singer’s cousin and talked to him about it in the middle of the set!

7.  Tegan and Sara – I love these Canadian twin sisters soooo much!  They always put on the most relaxed, happy show I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to see them again.  It was nice to enjoy their show after the exhausting set put on by The Raconteurs.  Like the last time I saw them, their playful banter had the crowd laughing the entire time.  They even threw in a plea to us to vote for Barack Obama!

6. David Byrne – I wasn’t sure quite what to expect from the former Talking Heads frontman.  The backup singers and dancers were a nice touch which I enjoyed.  The highlight of the show was definitely when he played my favorite Heads song “Once in a Lifetime.”  It had the whole crowd singing along.

5. Against Me! – This was the second time seeing them, and the time before they were very disappointing.  I had heard a lot about their live shows and I was let down.  However, their ACL performance was a redeemer.  Although, the crowd was extremely weak during their show, I had a blast.  Also, what I was hoping for all along, Miss Tegan Quinn, came on stage and helped sing my favorite song off of New Wave, “Born on the FM Waves of the Heart.”  It was unbelievable and one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

4. The Fratellis – These lads from Scotland were the surprise of the festival for me!  I had heard a lot of praise from my friends about his band, but I mainly saw them because I wanted to get close for CSS.  It ended up being one of my favorite  shows of the festival.  This band is great and I have become quite the fan.  Their performance was full of energy, and had me enjoying every minute!

3. CSS – These Brazillians know how to rock!  Lovefoxxx is one of the strangest, yet coolest people I’ve ever seen.  They opened with my favorite song by them, “Jager Yoga”, and the rest was history.  Everyone around me was dancing their faces off (if that’s possible…) and having a blast.  And yeah, like Heather, I had the privilege of touching Lovefoxxx when she crowdsurfed.

2. The Raconteurs – Jack White.  That’s all I have to say.  I have been a HUGE fan of his for a while now and never gotten to see him.  I admit, I was completely starstruck.  They rocked so hard!  However, it was a bit disappointing that they did not play Carolina Drama or Salute Your Solution, but still a spectacular show and I really want to see them again soon.

1. Gogol Bordello – START WEARING PURPLE!!!!  I 100% agree with Heather on this one.  Dear god, one of the craziest shows I’ve ever been to!  I completely lost it during their set, and have never danced so hard in my life.  Eugene Hutz is hands down my favorite person of all time!  My only complaint is that they didn’t play for the rest of the weekend.  Here is what there setlist included: Ultimate, Sally, Not a Crime, Supertheory of Supereverything, Wonderlust King, Mishto, Tribal Connection, 60 Revolutions, American Wedding, Start Wearing Purple, and Think Locally, Fuck Globally.  I was expecting Gogol to be the best of ACL and they did not disappoint.  These guys can do no wrong in my eyes and I absolutely cannot wait to see them again!

There you have it, my top ten performances of ACL.  Overall, the weekend was a complete success.  I got to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while which was great, and I can’t wait for next year!

Talk About A Sweet Jam

Daryl Hall has bands to his house to jam out to songs of each of theirs. I thought this was pretty neat, thought I’d share it with the masses.