The Kyle Scale Of Rating

I’ve decided to start reviewing albums on a whenever I feel inclined to do so basis. To help distinguish us, I’m gonna move away from the traditional Rolling Stone 1 to 5 scale or the Pitchfork 1 to 10 scale. Instead, I, and hopefully all other Marlboro Marathon Runners will use the Kyle Scale Of Rating. Our good friend and partner in crime, Kyle Johnson/Satchmo Flask/Elmer Ray Johnson Jr. came up with this scale many years ago in his secret basement laboratory and it ranges from a low of 3 to a high of 7, including halves. So if we were to translate Pitchforks rating of Born to Run (30th anniversary edition), which was a 10.0/10.0 to the Kyle scale of rating, it would receive a perfect 7. So be on the lookout for this innovative new rating scale and for us to be using it in the near future.

Caleb Keys


7 responses to “The Kyle Scale Of Rating

  1. I hate to burst your bubble caleb, but Elmer Ray Johnson Jr. is my father. If you wanted to put that you would need to put Elmer Ray Johnson III.

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  3. My apologies Elmer III.

  4. You can call me Trey!

  5. I just may!

  6. We can eat hay, and lay by the bay.

  7. We’ll make it a day!

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